Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Abril on Vashon (chapter closing!)

Wrapping up my last night on Vashon. G'folks get back from Japan tomorrow and I'm headed off to the mainland. I couldn't be anymore grateful for the time and peace and quite and separation I got here, but I'm really looking forward to heading home, hugging my family, seeing my friends and getting things into gear. And, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to getting work. After an early dinner of the most random salad possible (buck-saver), and birthday chocolates from my favorite girl, picked up from my favorite West Seattle bakery (both in which I ate with my hands - utensil-less salad: a whole lot funner, messier and you're forced to acknowledge what you're grabbin'/stuffin'), I decided to spend some time out in the garden. Threw the ball around for the dog, took some pictures and gave some thanks.

And, last night's broccoli soup (with hemp seed, avocado, mushrooms, baby greens and sprouts!):


  1. your food photos always inspire me lizzy. I think it would be so fun to cook with you someday :)

  2. Mae! Thank you! That means a world-load coming form you, because sifting through your photos gives ME inspiration. :) Man, I'd love that - a shooting, cooking extravaganza. And, since you're the next Martha stormin' up the block, have you checked out the latest issue of Living on color? SO GOOD! You'd gobble it up, I think, if you haven't seen it yet.

  3. Elizabeth--I was following your Tumblr (don't have one myself)and I saw you started this blog. :) I was going to tell you on FB, but since you made your graceful exit--I hope that you have read "Women Who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype". It's a great book that resonates with your passion for being a wild womyn. Be well and take care. ~M.T.

  4. Maria! I decided to go back -- there were some people I missed. :)!/profile.php?id=100001010751935

    I'd love to get back to friends on there!

    Oh, and I actually think I'm crapping myself right now... because when you mentioned the title, it didn't resonate with me, but last week I went to the bookstore, was drawn to a different section, found THAT book, fell in love with it (could NOT leave it), put it on hold and now she is mine and I haven't been able to leave my bed! And to think I was coming back to this comment because I remembered I hadn't replied! I've just, in a sense... drowned in it. It's incredible. Very powerful. Wow. I love so much that you mentioned that, and by the fate of the stars I own it!

    Wow. Blessings from this large and tiny Universe, Maria. :)

    - Liz!/profile.php?id=100001010751935

  5. Yahow! :) Right on!
    - Liz